FAQ – Clients


Recovery Center for Alcoholic and Drug Addict Clients

Capo by the Sea was designed to cater to the needs of high-profile individuals and executives: in short, people with high expectations. They fly first class, stay at resorts (not motels), and eat at the finest restaurants. Their expectations of how they should be treated during rehab are just as high.

We think of Capo by the Sea as a “luxury rehab” facility, the finest in recreational activities, and on-site executive offices where our clients have telephones, Internet service and fax machines at their disposal (your personal computer and cell phone can come with you). Our objective is to assist our clients in maintaining their connections to home and office, while receiving the best rehabilitation and medical care available.

Our programs are tailored to the needs of each client, allowing ample time for attending to business and enjoying a broad range of relaxing and enjoyable amenities. Our clients can take in a round of golf, a deep-sea fishing excursion, tennis, surfing, private training at a nearby health club, or simply lounging by the pool—all while practicing the principles of recovery.

By design, we know we’re not for everyone: you won’t find teens or 20-somethings in our program, and you won’t find yourself doing chores or surrounded by a mass of people. There are never more than 12 people in our program, and we’re exclusively designed for mature, executive business men and women.

Your treatment program will be designed around your own needs and circumstances, and it remains open-ended, as you increase your ability to engage and participate in your own recovery. You’ll be continually evaluated during your stay with us, so you’re certain to receive the highest level of care, while learning the skills and tools you’ll need to live life to the fullest and prevent relapse once you’ve left our facility.