Couples’ Drug Treatment and Therapy

Best Drug Rehab Couples!

You can now available a luxurious drug rehab program with Capo by the Sea.
In general, couples who are under addiction of drugs or alcohol are unable to find rehab facilities where they can stay together and fight their addiction together. With Capo by the Sea you can overcome drug and alcohol addiction by staying together with your partner. We have a friendly team of staff that help couples to give up on their addiction. We help them get rid of addiction by focusing on the root cause of their addiction and helping them fight it. Also, we support couples to mutually help their partners to overcome the drug addiction.

Drug Therapy for Couples

Nowadays, it is common for couples to be victims of drug abuse. Do not worry. There are several other couples just like you who are trying to quit their addiction together!

Couples Therapy and Codependency

Couples Therapy and Codependency

Aiding couples in improving their relationship

The program designed by us is exclusively meant for couples where both partners are addicted and suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our programs are customized based on the couple and by enrolling yourself to the program, we would guide you in the right direction to give up on your habit. Towards the end of the rehab program, you and your partner would return as a wonderful couple with great bonding, tolerance and mutual support towards each other, making your relationship succeed.

a) During each session, the therapist enquires about the progress made since the previous session and also confirms that the couple did not undergo substance abuse again.
b) Progress is tracked based on the targets set for couples in the previous session.
c) The couples are also given homework to do and this is evaluated by the therapist during each session.
d) Problems, either pre-existing or ones that arise newly are discussed upon by the couple and the therapist, so that there are no growing differences between partners.
e) Homework and assignments designed to help couples overcome their substance abuse addiction.

Mutual Dependency among couples

Couples face the issue of mutual dependency while in rehab, as both would be trying hard to quit their addiction. We have a program for mutual dependency, where couples can work upon their addiction among themselves and can help each other.

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