FAQs about our Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs


1) How long does detox take?

Before real recovery can begin, the toxic chemicals that have been polluting your body must be purged, which happens during a process known as detoxification, or “detox.” Depending on your addictive history, the length of this process can vary from seven to ten days. During this period, you’ll be carefully supervised by medical professionals, to ensure your comfort and safety.

While this process breaks the body’s dependence on drugs or alcohol, it’s not enough to bring lasting freedom from addiction: the end of cravings, as well as rooting out the deeper causes of abuse. This is simply the first step in the process of recovery. At Capo by the Sea, detox is provided on-site, so the comforts of our upscale home-like environment are surrounding you during what many consider the toughest few days of the treatment process.

2) Is detox painful?

Stopping the use of addictive chemicals can force the body to undergo extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. Without proper medical care, it’s a deadly situation, and we don’t recommend going it alone. When you come to Capo by the Sea, our medically supervised detox program will make the process as comfortable as possible, using the latest medications (Subutex and Suboxone) to blunt the severe physical changes your body experiences. The entire process is facilitated with dignity and respect, and you’ll look back on it as a virtually painless experience.

3) How long is the “average” stay?

Having a “set” length of stay implies that there’s only one way we do things. Since we tailor each program to meet your specific needs, we know there are plenty of “right” ways to help you regain the balance in your life that’s been missing due to chemical dependency.

Simply put, there’s no pre-determined length of treatment that every one is compelled to complete. We’ll make the program fit your schedule just as much as we make it fit your unique situation. We think of Capo by the Sea as a “luxury rehab” facility, with private rooms and suites, the finest in recreational activities, and on-site executive offices where our clients have telephones, Internet service and fax machines at their disposal (your personal computer and cell phone can come with you). Our objective is to assist our clients in maintaining their connections to home and office, while receiving the best rehabilitation and medical care available.

Our programs are tailored to the needs of each client, allowing ample time for attending to business and enjoying a broad range of relaxing and enjoyable amenities. Our clients can take in a round of golf, a deep-sea fishing excursion, tennis, surfing, private training at a nearby health club, or simply lounging by the pool—all while practicing the principles of recovery.

4) Can I leave the facility during my stay?

While we certainly don’t suggest leaving early in your stay to return to a situation or place that “triggers” old behaviors, part of your treatment is learning how to live life, out in the community—not stuck behind locked doors.

You and your program coordinator will work out a plan that provides a balance between the program and activities away from our facility, whether for fun or to deal with business issues. Your program coordinator may even arrange to join you, so you’ll find yourself “in recovery,” experiencing spiritual awakenings or practicing the principles—regardless of where you are.

5) Can I use my cell phone/PC during treatment?

You’re in business. You need to maintain contact with those people who are managing your business in your absence. Our facility has private office spaces, with phone, fax and Internet access available to you whenever you need it.

And what about your family? You don’t want to be disconnected from them, either. You’ll want to let them know how you’re doing. Our program is family oriented, so there will be times when your family can visit—even participate, if that’s appropriate.

6) Can I bring my pet?

We’re pet-friendly here at Capo by the Sea, and we understand how much your animal companion contributes to your sense of wellbeing. We’re animal lovers, too, and we know that an animal’s sweet face can go a long way toward making you feel better when times are tough. Because we want you to have all the support you need, we’ll be glad to make arrangements for your furry friend(s) to accompany you during your time with us.

7) Do I have to attend 12 Step meetings?

Ours is a unique and non-traditional treatment program. Some of our clients discover they enjoy attending outside 12 Step meetings in the community, but they’re not for everyone. That’s why we don’t rely on the Steps as the foundation of our program. You’ll make your own decision as to whether you want the Steps to become a part of your ongoing path of recovery.

8) I’m concerned about confidentiality and anonymity.

In some circles, sadly, there’s still a stigma about receiving treatment for chemical dependency. For some of our clients, that stigma may interfere with their personal lives or career goals.

That’s why we’re so diligent about maintaining absolute client confidentiality—from the moment you contact us, during the course of your treatment, and throughout your personalized after care program. No one on our staff has ever divulged personal information about a client to anyone outside our program, and we aim to keep it that way.

It’s not just the right thing to do, or simply a sign of respect toward the people who entrust us to help them find freedom from addiction and chemical dependency. It’s a commitment to keep our client’s privacy and anonymity assured. You can rest easy, knowing that all client information is kept under lock and key, available only to those staff members who are assisting in your recovery program.