Luxury Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism can take an enormous toll not only on the drinker, but on their families and friends as well. It can take a long time for someone to admit they have a problem with alcohol since drinking is such an acceptable part of our culture. If you’re considering treatment now, a great deal of pain and struggle has probably brought you to this point and you have a lot to consider. How do you know what to look for in treatment center? If you’re ready to take your first steps toward recovery, look no further than Capo by the Sea’s luxury alcohol treatment program.

Luxury alcohol treatment in a comfortable and supportive environment

In our luxury alcohol treatment program, you’ll be treated to top-of-the-line dual-diagnosis support for both addiction and whatever co-occurring mental issues might be holding you back from recovery. For those afraid of the dangers of detox, we have a medically supervised and assisted detox program that will ensure your comfort and stability during this delicate period.

The first days and weeks of your recovery are the most crucial. At this stage, your illness can feel overwhelming and out of control. You need experienced help that is kind, supportive, and caring. Aside from a professional staff, what our luxury alcohol treatment program provides is a comfortable environment with all the amenities you’d expect from a luxury treatment center. At Capo by the Sea, we hope to make your foray into recovery a little bit easier.

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Our facility can make the difference in your luxury alcohol treatment

Our inpatient, luxury alcohol treatment program offers the tools for success by providing 24-hour supervision, assistance, and counseling during the challenging, early stages of your recovery. Once stabilized, we have individualized one-on-one and group therapy sessions, as well as plenty of recreational opportunities to keep you engaged in your new sober lifestyle.

The peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in which we provide services to patients and guests is what truly sets Capo by the Sea apart. From private rooms to pet-friendly accommodations, we do everything possible to get you started on the path to sobriety.

Your privacy is assured during your luxury alcohol treatment

Many successful, high-powered executives are concerned about privacy during their luxury alcohol treatment. We understand the extremely personal nature of recovery, which is why our staff goes to great lengths to make sure your privacy is respected. That’s why we say that all communications are confidential, before, during and after recovery.

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We know that recovery is a very involved, time-consuming enterprise — especially for busy executives like you. Capo by the Sea offers first-rate services, superior amenities, and a peaceful setting in which to begin your treatment. Call us today at (800) 300-3965.