Luxury Detox

Luxury Detox

One of the first steps of any quality rehab program is detoxification. This is the process by which your body slowly releases the addictive substances it has been depending on and learns to function in a natural way again. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of beginning your rehabilitation program, and can sometimes be a barrier to entering treatment. However, the staff at our luxury detox facility is here to help you cope with these and other facets of your journey to sobriety.

What does luxury detox involve?

Most patients find that the chemicals polluting their bodies have dissipated within seven to ten days. During this period, you’ll be carefully supervised by medical professionals at our luxury detox center to ensure your comfort and safety. While some fear the discomfort of having addictive chemicals leave their system, the luxury detox program at Capo by the Sea is designed to avoid discomfort. We offer Suboxone medication therapy to help clients get used to their new drug-free lifestyles, as well as luxury accommodations and gourmet food to get clients’s lives back in order.

Still, while detox can end the body’s physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, it’s not enough to bring lasting freedom from addiction. To end these psychological cravings and to determine the underlying causes of addiction further investigation is needed. After you attend Capo by the Sea’s on-site luxury detox program, we begin the inpatient therapy process to work through these deeper issues and get to the root of the problem.

Is luxury detox painful?

Many patients approach us with the question, “will it hurt when I detox?” The answer depends on how dependent your body is on a particular substance. It’s true that stopping the use of addictive chemicals can force the body to undergo painful withdrawal symptoms. Without proper medical care this can even be deadly. That’s why we recommend not going it alone—as mentioned above, Capo by the Sea’s luxury detox offers all the tools necessary to keep detox as painless as possible.

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Luxury detox treatment that really works

Not all luxury detox treatment facilities are created equal. Capo by the Sea has a history of success that has lasted four decades. We’ve helped thousands of individuals just like you conquer addiction once and for all. Call us today at (800) 300-3965 to get started.