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Long-Term Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is an illicit stimulant drug that provides users with a boost in energy, mood, and confidence. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to see why the allure of cocaine continues to persist. Sadly, those desirable effects are very short-lived, and before you know it your recreational cocaine use has evolved into an addiction. […]

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Which Treatments Are Effective for Cocaine Addicts?

Few drugs possess the allure of cocaine. Known for decades as a party drug, cocaine is still highly sought after for its stimulant effects. Of course, those benefits are short-lived and are soon outweighed by the devastating effects of cocaine addiction. If you find yourself typing “cocaine rehab near me” into a Google search, you […]

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Addiction Counseling for Couples

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but not always easy. There are many sources of stress that can challenge even the strongest marriages. Of all the stressful things to happen to a marriage, having one or both partners struggle with addiction tops the list. Fortunately, addiction counseling for couples is a specialty niche among treatment programs. […]


Symptoms of Internal Bleeding From Alcohol

No substance is more harmful to your organs than alcohol when it’s abused. The effects of long-term heavy drinking often result in serious health harm. These include kidney and liver damage, heart damage, increased risk of cancer, and brain damage. If you have symptoms of internal bleeding from alcohol abuse, it is a sign it’s […]

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How to Prepare for a Residential Treatment Program: Tips & Advice

You have made the important decision to turn your life around and enter an addiction treatment program. As you approach admittance into the rehab, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, wondering what you need to do. Worry not! This handy guide shows you how to prepare for a residential treatment program. Preparing for Rehab Before […]


Drinking Too Much and Alcohol Withdrawal Headaches

“Why, why, why did I drink so much last night?” you moan as you struggle with a killer headache. A nasty hangover is never pretty, especially when you have to function at your job. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if the terrible headache is from drinking too much on a particular night. Truth be […]


When to Give Up on an Alcoholic Husband

If your husband is an alcoholic, you have come to realize that his alcoholism is also your problem. Alcoholism does not only affect the person with the drinking problem, it affects everyone in the family. But even as bad as it has become, you still hold out hope. Maybe someday soon your husband will wake […]


What Is Alcohol Withdrawal Fatigue?

If you have begun the process of alcohol detox and withdrawal, your body will go through a series of phases. These phases will feature clusters of symptoms, one of them being alcohol withdrawal fatigue. The alcohol detox timeline begins within about twelve hours of your last drink and lasts about one week on average. To […]

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Being the Spouse of an Addict

Your spouse is an addict, and you are at the end of your rope. Every attempt to encourage your partner to get help, whether it entailed tears, prayers, pleading, and yelling, has failed. As their spouse, you feel sad witnessing their descent into addiction. This is your partner in life, the parent of your children, […]


The Benefits of Meditation in Addiction Recovery

As one begins their journey in addiction recovery there may be added stresses, anxiety, and uncertainty in taking this leap of faith yet when given the tools one needs from the start to calm the mind, body, and spirit, the journey becomes an easier road to travel when breaking free from addiction. What is Meditation […]