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Addiction Treatment for Physicians

Doctors Are Not Exempt From Substance Use Disorders. Learn About Treatment Options For Doctors and Nurses. Becoming a doctor is a career choice that comes with a lot of stress. Working as a doctor means long hours and intense demands on your life. The job also provides easy access to drugs. For some doctors the […]

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholic Neuropathy

Long term excess alcohol intake can take a toll on many facets of our health. Add alcoholic neuropathy to the list. This is a type of nerve damage that can result from drinking to excess. It affects the nerves in the hands, feet, arms, and legs. It can also affect the bowel, urinary system, and […]

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Rehab Private Rooms

Learn What a Different a Luxury Rehab Makes  Most people who are ready to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction are in a pretty bad way. At this point, after all the fallout from the substance use disorder, the person is probably not feeling at all social. The idea of spending a month […]

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What to do About an Angry Alcoholic Husband

Alcoholism can have terrible effects on a marriage. Spouses who deal with alcohol abuse in the home know how this can harm the marriage. An alcohol problem can impact all aspects of home life. Problems include money problems, feelings of shame, anxiety, stress, neglect of the children, and fear of abuse. In fact, one of […]

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Do I have Alcohol Poisoning or a Bad Hang Over

It is Important to Know the Difference Between a Bad Hangover and Alcohol Poisoning A night of excess drinking will cause you to wake up feeling very sick in the morning. The strength of the hangover will be based on the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Symptoms can range from mild to intense. In […]

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Ativan Withdrawal Symptoms and Relief

Ativan, just as other benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium, is a drug that is great…until it isn’t. While these medications are intended for short-term relief of anxiety or insomnia, the fact is that they are so effective that it becomes very hard for someone to discontinue their use. Once someone experiences a good night’s sleep […]