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Life After Valium Withdrawal and Treatment

Life can be awesome once again after you have gotten through Valium withdrawals and finished treatment. For nearly six decades, Valium has been a widely used drug to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. Valium belongs to the class of drugs referred to as benzodiazepines (benzos), which are sedatives. As with all benzos, Valium is […]

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What are Alcohol Allergy Symptoms?

Some people have a sudden adverse reaction after drinking alcohol. Learn why. An alcohol allergy is a rare event where you have sudden symptoms that occur. These can happen when you drink even a small amount of alcohol. A true alcohol allergy is not the same thing as alcohol intolerance. An alcohol allergy involves classic […]

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Addicted to Narcotic Pain Meds

Pain Management Can Present a Real Challenge Sometimes chronic pain requires the use of pain meds to help manage the condition. People have come to expect a prescription for pain pills, like Vicodin or Percocet, to assist them. The ongoing use of these drugs, though, can sometimes lead to a substance use disorder. This class […]

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Addiction Treatment for Physicians

Doctors Are Not Exempt From Substance Use Disorders. Learn About Treatment Options For Doctors and Nurses. Becoming a doctor is a career choice that comes with a lot of stress. Working as a doctor means long hours and intense demands on your life. The job also provides easy access to drugs. For some doctors the […]

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholic Neuropathy

Long term excess alcohol intake can take a toll on many facets of our health. Add alcoholic neuropathy to the list. This is a type of nerve damage that can result from drinking to excess. It affects the nerves in the hands, feet, arms, and legs. It can also affect the bowel, urinary system, and […]