losing job due to alcoholism

Losing Your Job Due to Alcoholism

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Alcoholism has the power to cause major disruptions in many areas of your life. One of these areas is the damage it can do to your career. Many a career has been waylaid due to the disease of alcoholism. What about you? Are you losing your job…
What can I do about my husband's drinking

What Can I Do About My Husband’s Drinking?

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If your husband is abusing alcohol on a regular basis, he may have an alcohol use disorder. This is a disease that is difficult to manage without expert intervention and support. If you wonder, “What can I do about my husband’s drinking,”…
signs of drug use on face

What Are the Signs of Drug Use on Your Face?

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What Drugs Do to Your Face You may think that no one knows you are dealing with a substance problem. However, very often the signs of drug use are right there on your face. It is true that your physical appearance, even your face, can be greatly…
addicted to oxycontin

Are You Addicted to OxyContin?

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Am I Addicted to OxyContin An OxyContin addiction may have caught you completely by surprise when those innocent pain pills led to opioid use disorder. If you suspect you have built up a tolerance to it, and wonder if you are addicted to OxyContin,…
emotional drinking

What is Emotional Drinking?

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Alcohol is often used as a tool to help numb uncomfortable feelings – something referred to as emotional drinking. Maybe you have recently lost a loved one and are deep in the grieving process. Perhaps you are going through a bad breakup,…
morphine addiction

What Are the Signs of Morphine Addiction?

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If you’ve been taking morphine for pain management and begin to notice the signs of morphine addiction, it’s time to see your doctor. Like any other opioid addiction, morphine abuse or addiction should never be ignored. Facts About Morphine Morphine…
how to help an addict in denial

How To Help an Addict in Denial

Trying to convince an addict in denial to get some help can be quite frustrating. This happens because many who struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD) resist admitting they have a problem. For some helpful suggestions on how to help an…
adhd and alcohol

What is the Link Between ADHD and Alcohol?

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ADHD is a brain condition that affects about 10% of children and 4.4% of the adult population. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is more common among those who were diagnosed with ADHD as kids. Read on to learn more about the link between ADHD and…
drug addict personality traits

Drug Addict Personality Traits

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While it is true that substance addiction can happen to anyone, there are certain traits that can increase the risk. If someone has some of these particular personality traits, they may be at a greater risk of addiction. Read on to learn what…
narcissists and addiction

Is There a Link Between Narcissists and Addiction?

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Narcissists and addiction tend to go together, which further complicates each disorder. You or a loved one may have found yourselves in the crosshairs of a narcissist. If so, then you already know the awful impact of this mental health disorder…