Wet Brain

Wet Brain Syndrome

Alcohol Abuse Causes Wet Brain Late stage alcoholism often features several devastating health effects, including brain damage. Wet brain syndrome, or Wenricke-Korakoff, is a serious brain disorder associated with long-term alcohol abuse. About…
Chest Pain After Drinking

Chest Pain After Drinking Alcohol

If you have experienced chest pain after drinking, you are probably concerned, and rightly so. Heart pains may have many causes, and should always be checked out for peace of mind. If you’ve noticed on multiple occasions that the chest pain…
alcohol rehab for nurses

Alcohol Rehab for Nurses

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Individuals that work in highly stressful and demanding professions are at higher risk of substance use disorder, and this includes nurses. In fact, recent data state that about 10% of nurses struggle with substance abuse. Because alcohol provides…
alcohol rehab for law enforcement

Alcohol Rehab for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel, including police officers, sheriffs, corrections officers, and deputies, perform their job duties under extreme stress. This can lead to alcohol abuse as a means of coping with the effects of exposure to stressful…
Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey

Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey

Can I Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey? After making the decision to quit drinking alcohol you will next need to come up with a safe recovery strategy. However, one route you certainly do not want to take is to quit alcohol cold turkey. To learn about…
How to Taper Off Alcohol Safely

How to Taper Off Alcohol Safely

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Stopping Alcohol Safely Via Taper The effects of drinking alcohol can suddenly sneak up on you. Maybe for a while you just enjoyed having a couple of beers after work. Somehow, though, the drinking over time became an alcohol use disorder (AUD).  The…
internal bleeding from alcohol symptoms

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding From Alcohol

No substance is more harmful to your organs than alcohol when it’s abused. The effects of long-term heavy drinking often result in serious health harm. These include kidney and liver damage, heart damage, increased risk of cancer, and brain…
alcohol withdrawal headaches

Drinking Too Much and Alcohol Withdrawal Headaches

“Why, why, why did I drink so much last night?” you moan as you struggle with a killer headache. A nasty hangover is never pretty, especially when you have to function at your job. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if the terrible headache…
alcohol withdrawal fatigue

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal Fatigue?

If you have begun the process of alcohol detox and withdrawal, your body will go through a series of phases. These phases will feature clusters of symptoms, one of them being alcohol withdrawal fatigue. The alcohol detox timeline begins within…
ultimatum rehab or divorce

Ultimatum: Rehab or Divorce

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You have pled, cried, and yelled at your spouse about their drinking, but none of these has moved the needle. You are stuck sitting helplessly on the sidelines while you watch your alcoholic partner’s life implode. It appears you have one…