Alcohol Intolerance
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Increased Alcohol Intolerance with Age

Among the various changes adults experience as part of the normal aging process, alcohol intolerance may not even be considered. As we get older, other health and wellness concerns take the spotlight, with little thought given to the effects…
why do alcoholics shake
Occasional Drinking with Cirrhosis
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The Dangers of Occasional Drinking with Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a disease of the liver that can be caused by chronic alcoholism. As the liver attempts to repair itself, after exposure to alcohol consumption, scar tissue forms. Over time, this scarring within the liver can ultimately lead to…
How to Beat Alcoholism
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How to Beat Alcoholism and Live Your Best Life

Oh, if only there was a magic pill one could take and be done with alcoholism for good. Since there is currently no such miracle pill on the market, beating alcoholism remains a daily challenge for even the most dedicated to overcoming it. You…
Do I have Alcohol Poisoning or a Bad Hang Over
lying about addiction

Lying About Addiction to Family and Friends

One of the characteristic signs of addiction is lying about addiction to friends and loved ones. For example, those with an alcohol use disorder will often downplay the amount they consume in hopes of detracting from their actual consumption.…
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Recovery Versus Reality

The truth about conquering your addiction Many people are reluctant to admit they have an addiction, or go to a rehab facility because of the myths surrounding treatment. Before you give up on recovery altogether, get the facts so that you…
angry alcoholic husband
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What to do About an Angry Alcoholic Husband

Alcoholism can have devastating effects on a marriage. Spouses who contend with the impact of alcohol abuse in the home can recite a long list of issues that harm the marriage. These include financial difficulties, shame, anxiety, frustration,…
quit drinking
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I Don’t Want to Quit Drinking But I Need To

There are a multitude of reasons why a person might have developed their addiction to alcohol. Alcohol can fill an empty space, a void in one’s life, providing a sense of comfort and peace…at least for a while. Some turn to alcohol when…