How to Taper Off Alcohol Safely

How to Taper Off Alcohol Safely

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The effects of drinking alcohol can suddenly sneak up on you. Maybe for a while you just enjoyed having a couple of beers after work. Somehow, though, the drinking over time became an alcohol use disorder (AUD).  The good news is the sooner…
internal bleeding from alcohol symptoms

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding From Alcohol

No substance is more harmful to your organs than alcohol when it’s abused. The effects of long-term heavy drinking often result in serious health harm. These include kidney and liver damage, heart damage, increased risk of cancer, and brain…
alcohol withdrawal headaches

Drinking Too Much and Alcohol Withdrawal Headaches

“Why, why, why did I drink so much last night?” you moan as you struggle with a killer headache. A nasty hangover is never pretty, especially when you have to function at your job. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if the terrible headache…
alcohol withdrawal fatigue

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal Fatigue?

If you have begun the process of alcohol detox and withdrawal, your body will go through a series of phases. These phases will feature clusters of symptoms, one of them being alcohol withdrawal fatigue. The alcohol detox timeline begins within…
ultimatum rehab or divorce

Ultimatum: Rehab or Divorce

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You have pled, cried, and yelled at your spouse about their drinking, but none of these has moved the needle. You are stuck sitting helplessly on the sidelines while you watch your alcoholic partner’s life implode. It appears you have one…
alcoholic husband refuses treatment

What to Do When an Alcoholic Husband Refuses Treatment

It is so hard to witness a loved one’s slide into alcoholism, especially if it’s your spouse. You can see that your husband needs help, but your attempts to persuade him to enter rehab are brushed aside. So, what can you do what your alcoholic…
losing job due to alcoholism

Losing Your Job Due to Alcoholism

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Alcoholism has the power to cause major disruptions in many areas of your life. One of these areas is the damage it can do to your career. Many a career has been waylaid due to the disease of alcoholism. What about you? Are you losing your job…
What can I do about my husband's drinking

What Can I Do About My Husband’s Drinking?

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If your husband is abusing alcohol on a regular basis, he may have an alcohol use disorder. This is a disease that is difficult to manage without expert intervention and support. If you wonder, “What can I do about my husband’s drinking,”…
emotional drinking

What is Emotional Drinking?

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Alcohol is often used as a tool to help numb uncomfortable feelings – something referred to as emotional drinking. Maybe you have recently lost a loved one and are deep in the grieving process. Perhaps you are going through a bad breakup,…
adhd and alcohol

What is the Link Between ADHD and Alcohol?

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ADHD is a brain condition that affects about 10% of children and 4.4% of the adult population. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is more common among those who were diagnosed with ADHD as kids. Read on to learn more about the link between ADHD and…