long term effects of cocaine

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is an illicit stimulant drug that provides users with a boost in energy, mood, and confidence. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to see why the allure of cocaine continues to persist. Sadly, those desirable effects are very short-lived,…
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Which Treatments Are Effective for Cocaine Addicts?

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Few drugs possess the allure of cocaine. Known for decades as a party drug, cocaine is still highly sought after for its stimulant effects. Of course, those benefits are short-lived and are soon outweighed by the devastating effects of cocaine…
Cocaine Overdose

Can You Overdose on Cocaine?

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It has a rich history as a party drug, so you may wonder, “Can you overdose on cocaine?” One only needs to look to celebrities to know the answer. Examples are John Belushi, Ike Turner, Whitney Houston, and baseball players Jose Fernandez…
coke mouth

Coke Mouth and Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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How Does Cocaine Affect Teeth When we think of cocaine we may conjure up the 1980s, the decade known for coke abuse. Although cocaine use was rampant back then, it slid out of favor when the drug trade was more strictly enforced. That’s when…
How is Cocaine Addiction Treated

How is Cocaine Addiction Treated?

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How is Cocaine Addiction Treated? Cocaine abuse and addiction have declined dramatically since its 1980s heydays.  Back then, regular fodder about celebrity cocaine addiction was common; including the graphic accounts of nasal tissue and cartilage…