Do I have Alcohol Poisoning or a Bad Hang Over

After a night of excessive drinking the morning brings with it the unpleasant effects of a hangover. The intensity of the hangover will be directly related to the amount of alcohol consumed, so symptoms can range dramatically from mild to those that mimic alcohol withdrawals. The hangover may last for one day or up to three […]

How to Beat Alcoholism

Oh, if only there was a magic pill one could take and be done with alcoholism for good. Since there is currently no such miracle pill on the market, beating alcoholism remains a daily challenge for even the most dedicated to overcoming it. You can be completely on board, promising yourself and everyone around you […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Hallucinations

Even knowing all the serious consequences that accompany alcohol addiction, many alcoholics will persist in their compulsive drinking just to avoid the detox and withdrawal experience. Understandably, alcohol detox is highly unpleasant and can become a serious medical emergency if not managed by a trained team of detox specialists who can quickly intervene. Serious health risks, such […]

Do Relationships Get Better after Rehab

One of the most tragic outcomes of active addiction is the damage it does to your primary relationships, especially the one with your partner or spouse. Addiction can take a serious toll on a couple, leaving a long trail of broken promises, broken trust, anger, and frustration behind. Whether a relationship can mend following detox […]

Addiction Free

At some juncture while in active addiction you might close your eyes and allow yourself to recall an earlier time in life when you felt authentically happy.  In that mental image of the former you joy and peace radiate from your being. Sadly, you may feel you have fallen so far away from that earlier […]

Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals

It is very disturbing to consider that someone who is in charge of one’s hospital or medical care might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Considering the outsized responsibility they have for dispensing medications or performing surgeries or medical procedures, it is a wake-up call to learn that a significant number of doctors […]

Alcoholic Hepatitis Treatment

Things to Know About Alcoholic Hepatitis Treatment One of the most serious physical health conditions that can result from long-term excessive alcohol consumption is alcoholic hepatitis.  Alcoholic hepatitis is an inflammatory condition that causes damage to liver cells due to alcoholism. If the condition is caught early, and the patient ceases consuming alcohol, the liver […]