benefits of meditation in addiction recovery

The Benefits of Meditation in Addiction Recovery

As one begins their journey in addiction recovery there may be added stresses, anxiety, and uncertainty in taking this leap of faith yet when given the tools one needs from the start to calm the mind, body, and spirit, the journey becomes an…
trauma and addiction

Trauma and Addiction Recovery

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Going through a traumatic event can have a deep and lasting effect on a person. Even if he or she is able to come to grips with the event, there may be residual effects such as maladaptive coping behaviors. One of the most common of these is…
adhd and alcohol

What is the Link Between ADHD and Alcohol?

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ADHD is a brain condition that affects about 10% of children and 4.4% of the adult population. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is more common among those who were diagnosed with ADHD as kids. Read on to learn more about the link between ADHD and…
narcissists and addiction

Is There a Link Between Narcissists and Addiction?

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Narcissists and addiction tend to go together, which further complicates each disorder. You or a loved one may have found yourselves in the crosshairs of a narcissist. If so, then you already know the awful impact of this mental health disorder…
executive burnout recovery

Executive Burnout Recovery & Retreat

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How Do You Recover From Executive Burnout? Employee burnout is now more common than ever before. Executive burnout recovery can assist someone through a mental health and/or substance use challenge. The demands of daily life can quickly…
my husband is depressed and drinking

My Husband is Depressed and Drinking

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Living With Depressed Alcoholic Husband What can you do when you realize, “My husband is depressed and drinking.” How can you get him the help he needs? Read on to learn more. Yes, men get depressed, too. That may come as a surprise, as…
living with an alcoholic

Living With An Alcoholic

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How to Handle Living With an Alcoholic If you have been living with an alcoholic, you have been suffering right along with them. When someone you love has developed an alcohol use disorder you have likely been drawn into its vortex. In fact,…
isolation and addiction

Isolation and Addiction During the Pandemic

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How Social Isolation Can Lead to Substance Abuse Oh what a lonely year it has been. You know you are in trouble when the only voice you hear is your own. During the pandemic we have truly felt alone. From the isolation came mental health issues……
relationships after rehab

Do Relationships Get Better after Rehab

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One of the most tragic outcomes of active addiction is the damage it does to your primary relationships, especially the one with your partner or spouse. Addiction can take a serious toll on a couple, leaving a long trail of broken promises,…
OCD and Drug Abuse

The Connection Between OCD and Drug Abuse

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is within the anxiety spectrum of disorders. Individuals with OCD experience recurring and irrational obsessive thoughts that produce feelings of distress and anxiety. To alleviate the anxiety caused by obsessive…