Exclusive Drug Rehab

Exclusive Drug Rehab California

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Getting help for a substance use disorder in a premier setting The time has come, and you are now ready to address your substance use disorder (SUD). This deciding moment may have been years in the making. Now that it has arrived there are…
Ways to Prevent Relapse After Layoff Due to Pandemic

8 Ways to Prevent Relapse After Layoff Due to the Pandemic

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For most adults, the prospect of losing one’s job stokes feelings of intense anxiety. Unfortunately, in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, job loss goes part and parcel with all the many other distressing effects we as a nation are experiencing.…
psychology today articles
psychology today articles

Capo by The Sea As Featured in Psychology Today Articles

Capo by The Sea has a featured interview in the reputable Psychology Today magazine and online mental health information resource. The interview was conducted with Capo by The Sea's Clinical Director, Kim Glossbrenner, LCSW, MA, and reviews…