Make Recovery a Priority

Why You Have to Make Recovery a Priority

Focusing on sobriety every day is a “must” Once you leave the safe and structured environment of a luxury rehab, it can be difficult to find time and motivation to focus on your sobriety. Everyday life tends to interfere: the stresses…
having fun in recovery

How to Have Fun in Rehab

Yes—it can be done! If you think attending drug or alcohol treatment is nothing but a drag, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Not only is it possible to have fun while battling your addiction, it may even be necessary! Human beings…
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The Top 3 Excuses to Ignore Addiction

And why you can’t use them anymore Maybe you’ve taken the first step in combating addictive illness — recognizing there’s a problem. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you realize you struggle with the disease of alcoholism,…
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How Healthy Living Can Fight Addiction

Learn why you need a healthy lifestyle to stay off drugs and alcohol If you’re attending a luxury rehab or other program to combat addictive illness, you’ve taken an enormous step towards a longer, healthier life. After all, nothing will…
Outpatient Treatment after Rehab
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Why You Need Outpatient Treatment (IOP) after Rehab

Outpatient Treatment after Rehab Anyone battling addiction will tell you that the initial detox process can be difficult. Get through that, and you’ve taken an enormous step towards living a healthy life without alcohol or drugs. Attending…
Coping Skills in Recovery
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Coping Skills You Need in Recovery

Coping Skills You Need in Recovery If you’re in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction, one of the cornerstones is learning new coping skills. If a person has been turning to substance abuse to numb pain, or deal with complex emotions, they…
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Why Alcoholism Runs in Families

And What You Can Do About It If you grew up in an alcoholic family, you may have promised yourself that once you got out, you’d never make the same mistakes as your parents. You may even have sworn never to put your kids through what you…
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Recovery Versus Reality

The truth about conquering your addiction Many people are reluctant to admit they have an addiction, or go to a rehab facility because of the myths surrounding treatment. Before you give up on recovery altogether, get the facts so that you…
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Why You Need a Support System after Leaving Treatment

Leaving treatment for alcohol and drug abuse can feel like breath of fresh air – a new start. You’ve faced your problems, conquered your demons, and all the hard work is over. Right ? Well, yes and no. One of the biggest steps – admitting…
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I Don’t Want to Quit Drinking But I Need To

There are a multitude of reasons why a person might have developed their addiction to alcohol. Alcohol can fill an empty space, a void in one’s life, providing a sense of comfort and peace…at least for a while. Some turn to alcohol when…