why do opiates make you sick
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Why Do Opiates Make You Sick

Opiates, whether in prescription pill form or in the form of heroin, can make you feel nauseous when you take them and nauseous when you stop them after forming a physical dependence. The drugs provoke a powerful response by the central nervous…
Taking Too Much Pain Medication
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The Effects of Taking Too Much Pain Medication

When prescription painkillers burst onto the scene in the 90s they were seen as a wonder drug. These powerful analgesics could swiftly manage moderate to severe pain and were supposedly non-habit forming. Well we all know the end of that story,…
Alcoholism Care Plan
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Alcoholism Care Plan Before and After Rehab

Approaching addiction treatment for an alcohol use disorder should involve some careful thought and planning. Undertaking the monumental task of first getting sober and then learning how to live a life in recovery is not an insignificant one.…
Chronic Alcoholism and Pneumonia
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Chronic Alcoholism and Pneumonia

It is well known that chronic heavy drinking will eventually wreak havoc on the body. Specifically, most people are aware that untreated alcoholism ultimately leads to serious liver disease and failure. Other known health risks associated with…
How to Break Ambien Addiction
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How to Break Ambien Addiction with Comprehensive Treatment

Insomnia is one of the most mentioned complaints heard in the doctor’s office. It seems more people struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep than ever before, and subsequently a large number of Americans are dependent on sleep inducing medications.…
Addiction Free
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Become Addiction Free at Capo By the Sea

At some juncture while in active addiction you might close your eyes and allow yourself to recall an earlier time in life when you felt authentically happy.  In that mental image of the former you joy and peace radiate from your being. Sadly,…
rehab for husband and wife
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Rehab for Husband and Wife in Private Setting

Most likely, when a couple took their vows on their wedding day they did not include the words “I vow to share the rehab experience with you.”  Nope, chances are addiction was the furthest thing from the couple’s minds on the day they…
Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals
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Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals

It is very disturbing to consider that someone who is in charge of one’s hospital or care might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Considering the outsized responsibility they have for dispensing medications or performing surgeries…
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Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Services in Southern California

When someone is at a point of despair in their life due to the disease of addiction or a mental health disorder, they are in need of not only treatment and education, but of emotional support and compassion.  No one sets out in life to become…
Women's Inpatient Rehab
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Holistic Women’s Inpatient Rehab

While most trends come and swiftly pass, one trend that is putting down deep roots is the use of holistic therapies applied to the health industry.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the addiction recovery field, where the addition of experiential…