Leaving Work to Go To Rehab

Leaving Work to Go to Rehab

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It can be a very hard choice to make. Do you consider leaving work to go to rehab, possibly risking your job or career? Or, are you better off trying to ignore the increasing signs of addiction?  Are you struggling with this decision and…
Addiction Counseling for Couples

Addiction Counseling for Couples

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Marriage is a beautiful thing, but not always easy. There are many sources of stress that can challenge even the strongest marriages. Of all the stressful things to happen to a marriage, having one or both partners struggle with addiction tops…
Residential Treatment Program

How to Prepare for a Residential Treatment Program: Tips & Advice

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You have made the important decision to turn your life around and enter an addiction treatment program. As you approach admittance into the rehab, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, wondering what you need to do. Worry not! This handy guide shows…
spouse of an addict

Being the Spouse of an Addict

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Your spouse is an addict, and you are at the end of your rope. Every attempt to encourage your partner to get help, whether it entailed tears, prayers, pleading, and yelling, has failed. As their spouse, you feel sad witnessing their descent…
signs of drug use on face

What Are the Signs of Drug Use on Your Face?

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What Drugs Do to Your Face You may think that no one knows you are dealing with a substance problem. However, very often the signs of drug use are right there on your face. It is true that your physical appearance, even your face, can be greatly…
addicted to oxycontin

Are You Addicted to OxyContin?

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Am I Addicted to OxyContin An OxyContin addiction may have caught you completely by surprise when those innocent pain pills led to opioid use disorder. If you suspect you have built up a tolerance to it, and wonder if you are addicted to OxyContin,…
executive burnout recovery

Executive Burnout Recovery

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How Do You Recovery From Executive Burnout? Employee burnout is now more common than ever before. Executive burnout recovery can assist someone through a mental health and/or substance use challenge. The demands of daily life can quickly…
alcohol withdrawal syndrome symptoms and timeline

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Symptoms and Timeline

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When you are ready to get help for an alcohol use disorder (AUD), it is a good idea to be prepared in advance. Learn about alcohol withdrawal syndrome and the detox symptoms timeline. AUD affects 15 million Americans and contributes to about…
Marriage Retreats for Substance Abuse

Marriage Retreats for Substance Abuse

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Couples and Addiction Recovery Couples dealing with addiction will benefit from marriage retreats for substance abuse. These specialized programs provide couples with needed coping tools to help each other succeed in recovery. Most married…
Cocaine Overdose

Can You Overdose on Cocaine?

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It has a rich history as a party drug, so you may wonder, “Can you overdose on cocaine?” One only needs to look to celebrities to know the answer. Examples are John Belushi, Ike Turner, Whitney Houston, and baseball players Jose Fernandez…