Executive Rehab

Executive Rehab Centers

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Executive Rehab Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Even though someone may be quite successful in his or her business or career does not necessarily mean these professionals are exempt from developing a substance use disorder.  When it…
chronic pain and opiate addiction

Chronic Pain and Opiate Addiction

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Treating Chronic Pain and Opiate Addiction Back in the late 1990s OxyContin (oxycodone) burst on the pharma scene as a wonder pain reliever for treating chronic pain.  Over the next few years, dosages incrementally went from 10 mg pills to…
PTSD and Addiction

PTSD and Addiction

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The Link Between PTSD and Addiction The deep-seated emotional effects of having experienced a life-altering trauma will often result in the use of coping techniques to help soothe the pain.  Those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder…
Outpatient Treatment after Rehab

Why You Need Outpatient Treatment (IOP) after Rehab

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Outpatient Treatment after Rehab Anyone battling addiction will tell you that the initial detox process can be difficult. Get through that, and you’ve taken an enormous step towards living a healthy life without alcohol or drugs. Attending…
Coping Skills in Recovery

Coping Skills You Need in Recovery

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Coping Skills You Need in Recovery If you’re in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction, one of the cornerstones is learning new coping skills. If a person has been turning to substance abuse to numb pain, or deal with complex emotions, they…
non 12 step smart recovery

Non 12 Step SMART Recovery

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Introduction One of the most important protective factors against relapse following addiction treatment is the active participation in the recovery community. Because engaging in recovery meetings is so intrinsic to recovery success, it is…
Alcoholic Anonymous Inpatient Program

Alcoholic Anonymous Inpatient Program

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Alcoholic Use Disorder or AUD is the term for a chronic disease characterized by excessive consumption of alcohol and the preoccupation with that substance. AUD is a chronic relapsing brain disease marked by a loss of control over alcohol intake…
morphine withdrawal

Long Term Morphine Use Withdrawal Process

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Anyone who has ever experienced post-surgical pain understands the wonders of morphine. This synthetic opioid analgesic not only blocks pain receptors in the brain and the spinal cord, but also produces a euphoric, dreamlike state. Morphine…
withdrawal symptoms from xanax

Understanding Withdrawal Symptoms From Xanax

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If there was ever a drug that was first considered a miracle drug it is Xanax. People who struggle with occasional bouts of anxiety or have panic attack have benefited from Xanax’s swift action, bringing on feelings of deep relaxation and…
Adderall Withdrawal

Residential Detox for Adderall Withdrawal

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As with many prescription drugs that are misused, Adderall finds itself in this camp. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that belongs to the class of stimulant drugs. The drug is often prescribed for treating individuals…