CEO Burnout Treatment

CEO Burnout Treatment

It is hard to imagine that someone who has made it to the top spot in their career might be struggling with burnout, mental health issues, or substance abuse. In reality, CEO burnout is a very real phenomenon. Capo by the Sea offers top-tier executives battling burnout the support, rest, and therapy needed to move forward.

About CEO Burnout

CEOs occupy the highest rung on the organizational ladder. To achieve that position, CEOs tend to be ambitious, smart, resilient, and able to spin multiple plates under tremendous pressure. CEOs, however, are human beings with limits on the amount of stress they can realistically manage.

The continuous pressure of the position can overwhelm the CEO’s ability to manage it. This can result in burnout. Burnout is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a syndrome that features physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, accompanied by decreased motivation.”

The CEO position is called a “bottleneck” position. This term describes the typical organizational chart where every known problem within the operation lands on the CEO’s desk. While this is the reality of the job, some actions can be taken to reduce stress and restore balance.

Symptoms of Leadership Burnout

Everyone experiences periods of intense stress on the job. The demands on both employees and leadership have slowly escalated over the years. Tightening budgets means fewer personnel are handling the same workloads, or higher.

However, experiencing workplace stress is not the same thing as burnout, which has a nuanced effect on the affected individual. Warning signs of CEO burnout include:

Insomnia and Sleep problems.
Decline in work performance.
Lack of creativity.
Heightened negativity.
Emotional and physical exhaustion.
Diminished sense of accomplishment.
Increased anger, irritability, and frustration.
Cynicism about work or colleagues.
Indifference toward the work and mission.
Social withdrawal.
Symptoms of depression or anxiety.
Substance misuse.

How Burnout Impacts the C-Suite

A company is fueled by the vision and energy that flows from the top. The person that holds the CEO position can have a significant impact on the entire organization. When that person is experiencing burnout, it can affect the entire workplace culture.

CEOs can succumb to burnout without being aware of the process. This happens because they work very long hours, often neglecting their need for sleep and rest. When the SEO is working in that silo, they may become isolated and lonely, losing the personal connection to others.

Common Causes of CEO Burnout

A person doesn’t get to be a CEO without having proven him or herself as a successful business leader. What also come with that stellar track record are certain traits and conditions that can set the CEO up for burnout. These include:

Superhero syndrome. The CEO might get caught up in the belief that they alone are responsible for the success of the company.

Intense fear of failure. Two traits fuel a high-level executive: an intense drive to succeed coupled with an extreme fear of failure.

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Taking on too much. A common mistake CEOs make is to pile an unrealistic number of responsibilities on their plates.

Unwilling to delegate. Burnout is often caused by the unwillingness to delegate tasks to others. This is due to a belief that no one can perform the task as well as themselves.

Insufficient support. CEOs must have a team around them to assist them in tackling the daily workload to avoid burnout.

Lack of boundaries. There is truth to the idiom, “The buck stops here.” However, CEOs must establish boundaries and redirect some of the day to day work demands to subordinates.

Ignoring self-care. The CEO who doesn’t check in with themselves occasionally will neglect mental and physical health and slide into burnout.

Burnout Treatment for High Level Executives

When the burnout affect leads to mental health distress or substance abuse, the CEO must ask themselves, “Am I running this business, or is the business running me?” Capo by the Sea understands the causes of burnout, and how co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues can result.

Capo by the Sea executive burnout treatment program includes:

Psychotherapy. Evidence-based therapies allow the CEO to examine dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns that lead to burnout, and change them.

Medication. Medication may relieve symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Addiction treatment. A dual diagnosis treatment program helps the CEO overcome both the burnout and a co-occurring substance use disorder.

Holistic therapies. Learning new ways to manage stress is integral to overcoming burnout and to achieve a work-life balance. These might include deep breathing, yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, and other relaxation techniques.

Capo by the Sea offers a comprehensive treatment program for CEOs and top-level executives battling burnout. Learn more about our burnout treatment program by calling (888) 529-2114