Which Treatments Are Effective for Cocaine Addicts?

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Few drugs possess the allure of cocaine. Known for decades as a party drug, cocaine is still highly sought after for its stimulant effects. Of course, those benefits are short-lived and are soon outweighed by the devastating effects of cocaine addiction.

If you find yourself typing “cocaine rehab near me” into a Google search, you are likely dealing with a cocaine problem. If so, rehabs that specialize in cocaine addiction recovery are the best treatment option.

How Cocaine Affects the Brain

Cocaine addiction takes root through the brain’s reward system. The brain begins to crave the dopamine effects of cocaine. These effects include a boost of energy, heightened focus, euphoria, less need to sleep, and increased confidence. The pleasant effects are imprinted on the brain, which leads to cravings and drug seeking behaviors.

With continued cocaine use, the brain starts to adapt to the dopamine rush. This can cause the brain’s reward pathways to become less receptive to the natural sources of pleasure. Cocaine becomes preferred over the usual sources of pleasure, like relationships, food, or sex.

Signs of Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

As a highly addictive stimulant, cocaine garners a Schedule II controlled substance rating. The drug is used in various ways, including snorting, smoking, and injecting. Due to its powerful effect on the brain, a person can become addicted to cocaine within two weeks of regular use. It isn’t long before someone becomes enslaved by this drug.

Some signs of cocaine abuse or addiction include:

  • Mood swings. When someone first starts using cocaine, they may seem happy and full of energy. After a while, though, tolerance increases and they will need to use more of the drug to get the desired effect. With continued use, cocaine causes the person to be irritable and easily agitated.
  • Physical symptoms. One of the earliest signs that someone has a cocaine problem is weight loss. They may also have muscle tics, bloodshot eyes, and frequent nosebleeds, mouth ulcers. They may also have trouble sleeping, which adversely affects overall health.
  • Personality changes. A cocaine addict often begins to display paranoid behavior. Other signs are anxiety, erratic behavior, anger, or depression. When not high on cocaine they may appear to have flat affect, or be unresponsive.
  • Work performance suffers. While an early burst of productive energy first led to better work performance, as cocaine use continues work is affected. Frequent absence from work, a lack of focus, and loss of motivation begin to impact job performance.
  • Money problems. One of the early signs of cocaine addiction is the impact on family finances. Bills go unpaid to pay for the cocaine.

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction

One of the significant adverse effects caused by cocaine addiction is the damage it causes to nasal tissues and cartilage. This is due to the drug cutting off the blood supply to the nasal tissues. This causes sores in the mucous membrane, bone loss, and damage to the septum. The damage can become so severe that surgical reconstruction is needed.

Other long-term health effects of cocaine include heart damage and kidney damage.

Cocaine is a pricey drug, so people who become addicted to it often suffer serious money problems. It is common for addicts to go through their savings, their home equity, and to max out credit cards.

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Cocaine overdose deaths have been on the increase in recent years. This is due to fentanyl being present in the cocaine supply. Someone buying the drug is not aware there is fentanyl in the cocaine and an overdose can result.

Best Treatments for Cocaine Addiction

When you seek out a “cocaine rehab for me,” you may wonder what features to look for. As you start the process of calling rehabs, be sure to ask them if they have expertise in treating cocaine addiction. There are specific therapies that are effective for this particular substance use disorder, so aim for a rehab with clinical expertise.

The path to recovery from cocaine addiction starts with detox and withdrawal. As the nervous system reacts to the absence of the drug, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. These range from mild to severe and may include:

  • Muscle aches.
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Restlessness
  • Increased appetite.
  • Nightmares
  • Sleep problems.
  • Exhaustion
  • Cravings
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoid thoughts.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Once detox is completed, you will start the cocaine rehab process. This involves a combination of therapies that help you change the addict behaviors and power through the cocaine cravings. Two of the most effective therapies for cocaine addiction are:

  • Contingency Management. CM uses a reward system to inspire behavior changes. These may be a point system, gifts, privileges, or vouchers that are granted if you abstain from the cocaine. The rewards help to reshape your behaviors while you are learning to live without cocaine.
  • CBT. CBT teaches you how to respond in a healthy manner when you encounter cocaine cravings or other triggers. The CBT therapist guides you in addressing the dysfunctional thought patterns that lead to cocaine use.

Rehab will also include several other therapeutic activities. These include the 12-step program, group therapy sessions, addiction education, and holistic methods. All of these work together to help you overcome a cocaine addiction.

What Happens If You Relapse?

Cocaine is a powerful drug and its cravings are hard to overcome. Don’t beat yourself up if you have relapsed. It is a known fact that relapsing is very common during the first six months of recovery. It takes time for new recovery skills, thought patterns, and coping techniques to become second nature.

If you have experienced a cocaine relapse, don’t give up on recovery. Consider readmission into a residential treatment program, or even an outpatient program may help.

Cocaine Rehab Near Me

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