Couples Rehab Near Me

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Learn About Rehab Options for Couples

When both people in a committed relationship find themselves struggling with addiction, navigating the treatment options can be challenging.  Some addiction treatment programs are gender specific, or may have designated housing by gender, creating sleeping dilemmas.  Some rehabs simply do not encourage couples to enter treatment together.

Both members of the relationship need treatment, as bad habits need to be slayed as a team in order to reach a positive outcome.  New behaviors learned in treatment should be practiced in tandem, with each person equally engaged in shoring up sobriety.  Imagine just one party getting treatment and coming home to the other party still in active addiction.  How long with the sober partner remain such?

To accommodate couples in need of treatment for a drug or alcohol dependency, some rehabs are inviting both partners to enter treatment together.  The couples rehab near me designs treatment programs specifically for couples, including classes and groups that tackle topics such as communication skills, anger management, and stress reduction.  Also, couples rehabs near me may utilize specific psychotherapy models that are perfectly suited for this situation, such as behavioral couples therapy and alcohol behavioral couples therapy..

The theory behind the couples rehab programs is that, with both parties practicing the newly acquired skill set after completing treatment, their relationship will be more stable as they continue on their recovery journey together.  More stability equates to fewer stressors or triggers that could lead to relapse.

When a Couple Struggles With Addiction

When both members of a marriage or committed relationship find themselves in active addiction it can cause serious problems in the home.  Alcohol or drug addiction takes a toll on relationships when just one party is affected, but when both are it can lead to such difficulties as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Child neglect or child abuse
  • Financial fallout
  • Family instability or divorce
  • Social services involvement

Because addictive behaviors are erratic and irrational, conflicts can become exaggerated, leading to discord in the family home.  This can involve constant arguing, rage and angry outbursts, physical violence, and general instability, causing children to be severely impacted.

Getting clean and sober is the only answer for couples in this situation.  With each partner receiving treatment at the same time, they can become each other’s cheerleader in recovery.

What Couples Rehab Looks Like

When the couples dynamic is involved in addiction, treatment will be tailored around that specific situation.  With an understanding of the various challenges involved with a couple active in addiction, couples rehab near me designs a menu of therapies and classes that can assist them with the relevant issues.

Each party will be engaged in individual psychotherapy sessions as well as couples sessions and group therapy.  Underlying mental health issues, such as trauma, abuse, grief, etc. for each partner will be examined and treated.  Only by processing these underlying issues can recovery succeed.  In addition, special skills will be taught as helpful tools in recovery.  These topics might include:

Communication Skills.  Couples can always use some pointers on how to more effectively communicate feelings, concerns, or grievances in a way that is fair and non-confrontational.  Open communication is important in addiction recovery, helping couples to find their voice as individuals but to convey their thoughts and feelings in a productive way.

Anger Management.  Drugs and alcohol can stoke frustration and anger, leading to potential verbal and physical abuse within the home.  By learning how to better manage frustration and stress, partners can face life’s challenges with a more emotionally reserved approach, versus lashing out in anger.

Conflict Resolution.  Learning how to calmly address conflicts within the relationship is key in recovery.  There are certain ways to phrase one’s grievance that invites a measured response, instead of the knee-jerk response to accusatory or inflammatory statements about the other partner.  Conflict resolution skills provide a framework for working through normal, daily issues that can then be settled calmly.

Stress Reduction Techniques.  Not only is stress increased in addicted couples, but stress is a common trigger for using, which can lead to relapse.  Learning how to reduce stress through techniques such as deep-breathing exercises, mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, journaling, and massage therapy, can improve relationship satisfaction and reinforce recovery.

How to Reinforce Sobriety Following Couples Rehab

Completing the couples rehab near me program is only the beginning of the recovery journey.  There are some important steps to take following the active treatment phase of recovery.  These might include:

  • Couples sober living. Transitional housing can be useful in the early months of recovery, allowing for the skills learned in treatment to become new habits.  By living in a sober living environment, a deterrent to relapse is in place that can help strengthen the couple before they return to regular life.
  • Outpatient counseling. Ongoing weekly couples and/or individual counseling can help iron out any stumbling blocks encountered in early recovery.  Therapy helps to support the couple, to tweak their behavioral responses to stressors, and to offer a safe place to vent.
  • 12-step or non 12 step recovery group. Whether the couple attends meetings together or individually is not important, just so they go to the gatherings and engage.  Meetings provide a layer of peer support that couples benefit from in recovery.

Capo By the Sea Offers Couples Rehab 

Capo By the Sea provides a highly effective program designed for couples struggling with addiction.  Couples face unique challenges when both partners are in active addiction, leading to potentially serious consequences.  By obtaining help together, simultaneously, they return to their life united in the recovery mission and become each other’s main sources of support.  Continuing care post-treatment, consisting of weekly outpatient couples therapy and involvement in a recovery community, can help reinforce the new sober lifestyle and prevent relapse.

Capo By the Sea understands the importance of both members of the relationship getting the help they need to battle addiction.  Located in the stunning coastal town in California, our program consists of several therapeutic activities that work together to weave a solid foundation in recovery.  For more information about how to improve your relationship through sobriety, please contact our admissions specialists today at (888) 529-2114.