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Couples Rehab Near Me

How Couples Rehab Can Work for Many

When both parties in a relationship struggle with a substance use problem, it can present a unique challenge. Some treatment programs are based on gender, or may have housing arranged by gender. Other rehabs simply do not encourage couples to enter treatment at the same time.

Both members of the couple need treatment, as bad habits need to be changed as a team to reach a healthy outcome. New ways to behave that are learned in treatment should be practiced in tandem. This way each person will work on their new sober life as a couple instead of alone. Just one party getting treatment and then coming home to the other party still using won’t work. Surely, it would not be long before they’d relapse.

There are many couples in need of treatment for a drug or alcohol problem. In response, some rehabs offer help for both partners together. Couples rehab near me designs treatment programs just for couples. They include classes and groups that tackle topics that help them communicate and manage anger better. Also, couples rehabs may use certain therapies that are perfect for their issues. These include behavioral couples therapy and alcohol behavioral couples therapy.

The theory behind the couples rehab programs is easy to understand. With both parties using the new skill sets after rehab, as a couple they will be more stable in recovery. More stability means fewer stressors or triggers that could lead to relapse.

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When a Couple Struggles With Addiction

When both members of a marriage find themselves in active substance use it can cause major problems at home. Alcohol or drug abuse takes a toll on a couple when just one party is using. But when both parties are involved in substance abuse it can lead to such problems as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Child neglect or child abuse
  • Financial fallout
  • Family instability or divorce
  • Social services involvement

Because addict behaviors are often erratic, conflicts can erupt, leading to much unrest in the home. Couples may argue, there can be angry outbursts, physical assaults, and cause the lives of children to be impacted.

Getting clean and sober is the only answer for these couples. With each partner getting treatment at the same time, they can become each other’s main support person in recovery.

What Couples Rehab Looks Like

Substance abuse treatment will be tailored around the couple and their unique issues.  Knowing about the many challenges involved with couples active in substance abuse, rehab programs address these things. Couples rehab includes a menu of therapies and classes that assist them with the issues they face at home.

Each party will be engaged in therapy sessions as well as couples sessions and group sessions.  Mental health issues, like trauma, abuse, or grief for each partner will be discussed and treated.  Only by dealing with these issues can recovery succeed. Also, special skills will be taught as helpful coping tools in recovery. These might include:

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Communication Skills

Couples can always use some pointers on how to better discuss their feelings and concerns more fairly. Being able to talk freely and with kindness is important in substance recovery. These skills help couples to find their voice as people but to convey their thoughts and feelings in thoughtful ways.

Anger Management

Substance abuse can cause frustration and anger. These feelings can lead to verbal and physical abuse within the home. By learning how to better manage stress, partners can face life’s problems with a more reserved approach. This is more helpful in the healing process than lashing out in anger.

Conflict Resolution

Learning how to calmly address conflicts between the partners is key to recovery. There are certain ways to state a grievance that invites a more measured response. This leads to a gentler response instead of a knee-jerk response. These skills provide a framework for working through normal, daily issues that can then be settled calmly.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Not only are stress levels higher in couples with substance abuse issues, but stress is a common trigger for using. In recovery stress can lead to relapse. Learning how to reduce stress through using certain techniques can help. These include deep breathing, mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, keeping a journal, and massage can reduce the risk of relapse.

How to Safeguard Sobriety After Couples Rehab

rehab near meAfter the couples rehab program is finished the real recovery journey begins. There are some steps to take following the active treatment phase that protect sobriety. These might include:

Couples sober living

Sober housing can be useful in the early months of recovery. Living in a sober home allows time for the skills learned in treatment to become new habits. Sober living gives a deterrent to relapse by keeping the couple engaged in sober lifestyle actions. Sober living can help strengthen the couple before they return to regular life.

Outpatient counseling

Ongoing weekly couples and/or individual sessions can help iron out any stumbling blocks faced in early recovery. Therapy helps to support the couple, to help them shape their response to stressors, and to offer a safe place.

12-step recovery group

Whether the couple attends meetings together or alone is not important, just so they go to the meetings and engage. Meetings provide a layer of peer support that couples benefit from in recovery. In early recovery they can also provide the chance to form new sober friendships with other couples.

Capo By the Sea Offers Couples Rehab in Orange County

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