Executive Rehab Centers

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Executive Rehab Centers

Executive Rehab for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Even though someone may be quite successful in his or her business or career does not necessarily mean these professionals are exempt from developing a substance use disorder. When it becomes apparent that a drug or alcohol problem has taken hold, one glance at the crazy work schedule can keep many from even considering getting help. The loss of a month’s productivity while in rehab is just not feasible for many high-level executives.

In response to this need, some drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment treatment facilities centers have developed a specialty niche in the industry, one that caters to the busy professional who can only enter treatment if the tools needed to continue engaging at work are provided. While the individual may have to drastically modify their work schedule to accommodate detox and treatment, they will have the ability to stay connected at work to some degree at the executive treatment center.

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Signs and Symptoms of a Substance Use Disorder

No one sets out to become addicted to a substance. Chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol sneaks up on a person, no matter how successful one might be. What might have started as a way to decompress from the demands of work can lead to increased tolerance for the substance, resulting in pouring those extra drinks or taking one more Ativan than prescribed. There are classic symptoms that indicate a substance use disorder has developed. If you recognize having some of these symptoms it is best to seek out help at an executive rehab center. The symptoms might include:

  • Try to cut down or quit and can’t
  • Continue to use the substance even with mounting negative consequences
  • Loses interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Begins to isolate themself from friends and family
  • Obsessed about obtaining and using more of the substance
  • Engaging in risky behaviors
  • Becomes secretive
  • In denial about having a substance use disorder
  • Withdrawal symptoms begin when you try to quit

Inpatient Executive Rehab Programs

If it is becoming clear that a substance use disorder is present, the next step is to locate an executive treatment program that will be able to provide essential work accommodations. Executive rehab centers for drug and alcohol addiction will offer office space and technology needed for conducting business while seeking treatment. After the initial interview and evaluation, a residential detox will begin. Detox and withdrawal will be monitored by a detox team that manages the withdrawal symptoms as the body rids itself of the toxins associated with the substance. The detox phase usually takes 5-7 days to complete.

After detox, the treatment phase of recovery begins.  The executive treatment programs will allow time each day to conduct any business-related activities, but outside of that, the days will revolve around therapeutic activities.  Individual psychotherapy sessions and group therapy, using cognitive behavioral therapy, can help teach the executive new ways of responding to stress instead of reaching for a substance.  

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Most programs will offer exercise activities or gyms, as well as spa-like amenities such as massage therapy, yoga, infrared sauna, guided meditation, and other experiential therapies. In addition, many executive treatment programs offer high-end resort-like accommodations that are in line with the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

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Aftercare for the Executive in Recovery

Following the completion of the executive rehab program, continuing care is an essential component of a successful recovery. This entails ongoing counseling in an outpatient setting where one can receive continued emotional support and guidance in early recovery. Relapse is a real threat in the first few weeks following treatment, so active participation in a recovery community such as A.A., N.A., or SMART Recovery can offer peer support and fellowship.

Sober living is another good aftercare option. A few months in sober living can help the newly sober executive become more secure in sobriety within a living environment that is free from drugs and alcohol. Sober living also offers social support that helps reinforce a new sober lifestyle.

Capo By the Sea Offers Executive Rehab Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Capo By the Sea is an inpatient rehab located in a beautiful Southern California coastal locale. Our luxury executive rehab center offers private rooms with luxury accommodations. Enjoy rounds of golf at three exclusive local golf courses, enjoy a massage, food prepared by a professional chef, and an intimate staff-to-patient ratio that ensures the highest level of care. For more information about our executive rehab program, call Capo By the Sea today at (888) 529-2114