Luxury Rehab for Men and Women

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Luxury Rehab for Men

When you imagine what a luxury rehab is like most likely thoughts of women enjoying massages, yoga, and spa treatments may pop into your head.  Not so fast! Luxury rehab for men is a growing niche in this segment of the addiction treatment industry. Women aren’t the only ones who desire the most enjoyable, relaxing rehab experience possible—men also enjoy such creature comforts.

In the event that both partners in a relationship or marriage are in need of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, there are luxury rehabs that offer couples rehab. This allows each partner to receive treatment at the same time, becoming each other’s biggest cheerleader in recovery. This is the best bet for couples both struggling with addiction, as recovery will be difficult if only one party gets into treatment. A luxury rehab for men and women is an excellent option for couples.

What Exactly Is a Luxury Rehab?

When you think of rehab you might picture a drab, depressing facility where cafeteria-style food and boring, uninspiring therapists help you pass the time. Well, that might be an unfortunate reality for some rehabs but thankfully the addiction recovery industry is increasingly responsive to creating a positive, edifying experience for clients getting the help they need. The luxury treatment program represents the premium level in the rehab hierarchy, with lots of extra amenities and pampering that can make the experience satisfying as well as life-saving.

A luxury rehab offers a myriad of special services and activities in addition to their basic treatment elements. The things that define the luxury rehab include such amenities as:

  • Private rooms
  • Premium linens
  • Pet friendly accommodations
  • Holistic therapies, such as yoga and massage
  • Nutritionists
  • Adjunct therapies, such as neurofeedback and acupuncture

Treatment Programs at a Luxury Rehab for Men and Women

Although all the special touches at a luxury treatment center add to the healing experience of recovery, the emphasis should always be on the quality and expertise of the clinical staff. Many luxury programs employ psychiatrists and masters and doctorate level therapists to provide the essential treatment elements. Better yet are the rehabs that will customize treatment plans according to the specific needs of each client, including dual diagnosis treatment.

Receive Guidance, Call Now

In general, drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs include a variety of therapies and activities that, when combined, create a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to treating the individual. Using individual psychotherapy sessions, group therapy, family programs, 12-step programming, and an array of experiential activities that will augment the therapy, luxury rehab programs strive to treat all aspects of the individual, not just the diagnosis.

Aftercare Following Rehab

It is a mistake to believe that once the rehab program ends all is fixed and good to go. Recovery is indeed a lifelong effort that cannot be completed in a month or two. During the early phase of recovery, the individual is adjusting to utilizing the new tools acquired in rehab, as well as adopting a sober lifestyle. This is a critical period in recovery and should be planned into the larger recovery picture.

Aftercare, or continuing care, involves ongoing outpatient therapy sessions that act as a tune-up or reinforcement of sobriety, helping the individual avoid relapse. Aftercare can also include a few months of sober living where a drug and alcohol-free living zone can also provide an excellent transition experience. Weekly meetings and involvement with a 12-step or non-12 step program can offer social support and peer accountability. All of these work together to help secure sobriety for a lasting recovery.

Capo By the Sea Offers Luxury Rehab for Men, Women, and Couples

Capo By the Sea is an upscale, beachside rehab that provides treatment for men and women in Dana point, California. Capo By the Sea offers expert addiction treatment and therapy, as well as being pet-friendly, offering a couples program, yoga, acupuncture, golf, private rooms, and massage therapy. For more information, please contact Capo By the Sea today at (888) 529-2114