Luxury Rehabs That Accept Insurance

Rehabs That Accept Insurance

Luxury Rehabs That Accept Insurance

Rehabs come in all shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of treatment philosophies, services, amenities, and facility features to select from when the time comes for treatment.  Although even a bare-bones treatment program can offer the basic treatment elements that are standard in addiction treatment, selecting the right rehab for you can come down to personal preferences and resources.

For those who are able to consider the high-end facilities for their stint in treatment, practical matters do still count.  Locating luxury rehabs that accept insurance is a top priority in the process of selecting a treatment center that appeals to not only your desire for creature comforts, but for your common sense as well.

What is a Luxury Rehab?

Once you begin the hunt for a high quality addiction treatment program you will soon notice the diverse range of rehabs available.  If you are seeking the most luxurious rehab environment you no doubt are accustomed to the finer things in life. Luxury rehabs take addiction treatment to the top drawer, with deluxe appointments that often mimic that of a high-end resort.

Usually the luxury rehab will be located in a beautiful location, such as a coastal community, a mountain resort, or a desert oasis, providing a scenic and serene ambiance that enhances relaxation.  Luxury rehabs tend to cater to the client’s treatment needs in a customized manner, creating a treatment plan that is responsive to the unique characteristics of the individual. Luxury treatment centers offer a wider array of client services, such as assistance with legal matters, transportation to outside appointments, coordination with other or mental health providers, and a comprehensive assistance in planning for post-treatment aftercare.  Another feature of luxury rehabs is the inclusion of recreational outings and day trips designed to elevate the recovery experience and encourage peer support.

Are Luxury Rehabs Superior in Treating Addiction?

When it comes to the success rate of a luxury rehab when compared to more basic facilities, client motivation and adherence to a continuing care outpatient program is what really makes the difference in recovery, not the thread count of the sheets.  The length of time spent in treatment, an abstinence-based program, and a solid aftercare program will substantially improve success rates across the spectrum.

Receive Guidance, Call Now

Luxury rehabs make the treatment experience more comfortable and enjoyable.  When a client feels they are valued, that their needs are being fulfilled, and that they get a taste of how wonderful a sober lifestyle can be they will be more engaged in the program.  Client engagement and participation while in rehab is an important aspect of gauging future recovery success.

Amenities at Luxury Rehabs that Accept Insurance

Luxury treatment centers offer many of the same amenities one would expect at a 5-star resort.  Private rooms, HDTV, Internet service, daily housekeeping service, and top of the line linens and bedding are standard in a luxury rehab.  In addition, there is usually a gourmet chef who will provide organic, clean foods and adhere to any food restrictions of the individual clients.

Holistic activities are the norm at a luxury rehab.  These might include beautiful grounds for outdoor yoga classes or guided meditation.  Massage therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, infrared sauna, and more are commonly provided at a luxury addiction recovery center.

Capo By the Sea Luxury Rehab that Accepts Insurance

Capo By the Sea is an executive addiction treatment center located in the beautiful Southern California coastal community of Dana Point.  When seeking luxury rehabs that accept insurance, consider this amazing beach side location offering superb accommodations, services, and amenities to enhance your recovery experience.  Our premier drug and alcohol treatment program is Joint Commission Accredited Accredited and the treatment plan is based on the individual’s specific and unique treatment needs, while providing rehab services in unparalleled luxury.  For more information about our program, please contact Capo By the Sea today at (888) 529-2114