Marriage Retreats for Substance Abuse

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Marriage Retreats for Substance Abuse

Couples and Addiction Recovery

Couples dealing with addiction will benefit from marriage retreats for substance abuse. These specialized programs provide couples with needed coping tools to help each other succeed in recovery.

Most married couples will form daily habits and routines the longer they’re together. They might relax after work every evening with the aid of a few drinks. Maybe they use substances as a way to aid sleep or even to self-medicate anxiety. But over time, as tolerance to the substance increases, a substance use disorder can take root.

A couple’s retreat is the perfect answer for tackling the substance use disorder. Both spouses can obtain the therapy and tools needed to overcome addiction together as a team. As partners with a common goal, each can provide love and support for the other while they both get sober and work toward wellness.

Why a Couple Might Benefit From Rehab Together

Life is already difficult enough without a substance problem complicating things. Drug and alcohol abuse is very hard on a marriage. These substances cause altered perceptions, mood swings, irritability, impaired judgment, bad behavior, and money problems.

All of these effects can lead to angry outbursts and impulsive acts, as well as disappointment and broken trust. Worse yet, substance abuse can lead to divorce, violence, and child neglect.

Each couple handles a substance use issue in their own way, but there is no way to put off the consequences forever. Regardless of a couple’s coping skills or resilience, addiction will gain the upper hand at some point and inflict damage. For the marriage to survive, substance abuse must be addressed.

About Couples Addiction Counseling

One of the perks of couples rehab is having the chance to improve the marriage through couples counseling. Therapy designed just for couples can teach new relating skills and help partners replace the dysfunctional ones.

A core treatment method for addicted couples is called behavioral couples therapy, or BCT. BCT uses an approach based on behavioral modification techniques. Using these techniques, the therapist guides partners to create a recovery contract between themselves. With the contract, each partner declares their commitment to sobriety and vows to be supportive of the other’s recovery efforts.

BCT is based on the theory that couples with better communication styles and conflict resolution skills will have lower relapse rates. This is a short-term program that provides couples with positive and affirming techniques to help them improve their bond. BCT is often used as an adjunct therapy along with other evidence-based measures.

What to Expect at an Inpatient Retreat for Couples

Once a couple has made the decision to get sober together, the first step of the recovery journey will be completing the detox and withdrawal process. The detox timeline may vary for each partner, based on the substance involved and the duration of the substance use problem. The detox team closely monitors the process and offers medications as withdrawal symptoms emerge.

After detox, it is time for the partners to begin the treatment phase of recovery. While the programming mirrors many addiction treatment interventions, the marriage retreat aspects are what sets it apart. Treatment includes:

Couples therapy. There are certain therapies that are helpful for couples with substance use disorders. These include BCT, as well as emotionally focused therapy and alcohol behavioral couples therapy.

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One-on-one therapy. Each of the partners will spend time alone in therapy. These talk sessions allow each partner to open up and discuss any issues that might play a part in addiction.

Group therapy. The couple will join other couples in small group sessions where they can talk about issues related to recovery.

12-step program. The marriage retreat for couples with substance abuse disorders often includes themes from the A.A. 12-step program.

Holistic. Holistic themes are often part of a couples rehab program, as these methods can help couples to relax and self-soothe. These might include yoga classes, art therapy, massage, or meditation.

Coping Skills to Use After Couples Rehab

What makes couples rehab unique is its focus on improving the core relationship. To sustain sobriety, there must be tools in place to better manage the ups and downs that come with marriage. Here are some of the skills that are taught and practiced in couples rehab retreats:

Conflict Resolution. Partners that learn to calmly address their conflicts are more likely to succeed in recovery. These skills show partners how to better address any issues in a way that does not invite an angry response. Learning to resolve conflicts helps spouses work through and settle disagreements in a measured way.

Communication Skills. Learning how to better phrase your thoughts and desires is a skill that all couples can benefit from. These skills help couples understand each other better, as well as express their thoughts and feelings in a thoughtful manner.

Anger Management. All married people have times when they feel frustration and anger towards each other. These feelings can lead to verbal and physical abuse if not managed well. By learning how to better manage big emotions without lashing out in anger, the couple is better able to rebuild.

Stress Management. It is highly likely that couples with substance abuse issues also have more stress in their home and their marriage. In recovery, stress is a common trigger for relapse and must be managed. Couples will learn some new stress reduction skills at the marriage rehab retreat. These include deep breathing techniques, yoga, massage, and mindfulness.

Couples, in which both partners are committed to sobriety, will find the support and guidance needed to succeed at a couple’s rehab.

Capo by the Sea Offers Marriage Retreats for Substance Abuse

Capo by the Sea is an upscale addiction treatment center that has programs tailored for couples. The stunning setting combined with addiction expertise allows couples to heal their marriage while breaking free from substance abuse. For more detail about the marriage retreats for substance abuse, call us today at (888) 529-2114.