Why You Need to Stay Connected with Your Rehab Alumni

recovering alumni

recovering alumni

Some of the most enduring bonds and friendships come out of executive rehabs. Detoxification and the treatment program that follows are intense physical and emotional experiences. To successfully navigate them, you need the support of like-minded individuals. But it’s important to stay connected to the people you meet in rehab – not only while you’re there, but after the program ends as well.

You need structure

The poet John Donne said that “no man is an island,” and nowhere is this more true than in alcohol and drug recovery. After attending an executive rehab, you need structure to reinforce the lessons you learned there, and resist the challenges and temptations that are sure to arise. Staying connected with the alumni you met as an inpatient is a natural extension of the structure you received there.

You need support

Similar to the concept of structure is the need for support after completing a luxury rehab program. Leaving the safe cocoon of inpatient treatment can make a person feel anxious and untethered. Although not as constant seeing fellow patients on a daily basis, your support system acts as an anchor as you continue life sober. They are there as a shoulder to cry on and a place to go for advice when the early stages of sobriety threaten to overwhelm you.

Staying active in whatever support system you choose

If you didn’t happen to connect with anyone in particular when you attended luxury rehab, that’s okay. Not everyone meets people they click with at that stage in their sobriety. However, it is crucial to your recovery to find a support system and stay involved in it. If you do this after attending rehab, it usually means progressing to an IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) program, and then a twelve-step or similar support group. Whatever you choose, spend time with people who are actively recovering, and who will reaffirm the new life you’ve chosen to lead.

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