Robin Fraser

Dr. Robin Fraser, LCSW


Dr. Robin Fraser is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor and LCSW therapist with a doctorate in medical physiology. Dr. Fraser uses his skills to strengthen and empower families and communities through educational and support programs. He obtained his master’s degree in social work and completed his Ph.D. in physiology from Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Fraser has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in mental and behavioral health and has worked as a social worker, counselor, and supervisor throughout his career. Some career highlights include working as a Senior Clinical Director for Padres Unidos, where he supervised as a field instructor for intern students from USC, California State University, Long Beach, and California State University, Dominguez Hills, to provide counseling for families in vulnerable communities. He has also been involved with Orange County Children and Family Services as a senior social worker.

Dr. Fraser has a passion for working with those struggling with mental and substance abuse issues. He believes in nurturing the spiritual growth of himself and others. When it comes to treating clients, he believes in the art of therapeutic connection. His style of treatment promotes a compassion-first approach as well as making positive contributions to their lives. Dr. Fraser enjoys providing love and service to help benefit the growth of others. In his free time, he engages in meditation/mindfulness, mountain biking, jogging, weight training, archery, yoga, and Ki training.

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