Recovery Versus Reality

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The truth about conquering your addiction

Many people are reluctant to admit they have an addiction, or go to a rehab facility because of the myths surrounding treatment. Before you give up on recovery altogether, get the facts so that you can make an educated decision. You may learn that working with substance abuse programs is nothing like you thought it would be.

Recovery Versus Reality of Addiciton

Recovery Versus Reality of Addiction Recovery

Myth: 12-step meetings are a boring waste of time.

Fact: Meetings will introduce you to people just like you who are on the road to conquering their addictions.

When it comes to addiction recovery, few things are as important as regularly attending 12-step or other support group meetings. Although many people are reluctant to go at first, they quickly find out these gatherings are anything but boring. Often, they are full of individuals sharing deeply personal stories about how addiction affects — and is still affecting — their lives. You will likely find many similarities between yourself and the other attendees, leading to deeper relationships, as well as a better understanding of the addiction disease.

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Myth: When I get clean and sober, I will have no life.

Fact: Many addicts say life began when they got serious about recovery.

One of the most persistent myths about recovery is that a sober life is a dull one. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Many people who have been through rehab say they were a mess to be around when they were abusing substances. Often they were unable to hold down a job, be in a relationship, or go to a social gathering that didn’t involve their drug of choice. Half the time, they didn’t remember what happened at the event the next morning! Once all that stopped, they got a new lease on life, and began enjoying themselves in ways they never could have imagined.

Myth: Step work will be unpleasant and painful.

Fact: While challenging, step work is also meaningful and freeing.

Many addicts resist recovery because of the step work involved. And while it’s no secret that some of the steps – such as taking responsibility for you actions and making amends – are difficult, they are also freeing. Working the steps is what allows you to start living life on your terms – not on terms dictated by drugs or alcohol.

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