Rehab Private Rooms

The Benefits of Rehab With Private Rooms

Most people who are ready to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction are in a pretty bad way.  At this point, amid a mountain of negative consequences that resulted from the substance use disorder, the person is probably not feeling social….at all.  If anything, the idea of spending a month or more with a bunch of strangers at rehab can be intimidating.

When deciding which treatment program is the best fit for not only your treatment needs but also your state of mind, it is important to consider the accommodations offered by rehabs.  For many people entering treatment, selecting a rehab with private rooms can offers a comforting respite from the activities that will surround them during their stay.

Why Choose a Rehab Private Rooms?

Going through treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction requires dedication, energy, and focus.  A luxury rehab that offers private rooms allows the individual going through the demanding process of early recovery a much-appreciated space of privacy and peace.  Like a little oasis, a private room can provide solace and quiet time to reflect, mediate, pray, or just rest.

Some people are simply not social types, or may even struggle with social anxiety.  For this reason a private room can actually motivate them to go to rehab in the first place, just knowing they will have a place to retreat when needed.  Privacy is very important to people who aren’t “roommate types,” so the private room option can be the ideal answer to the search for getting treatment while also maintaining some sense of privacy.

Advantages of Rehabs that Offer Private Rooms

In most cases, a private rehab that offers high-end accommodations, including private bedrooms, will also provide many other special services.  These luxury centers usually provide a smaller treatment venue, offering an intimate environment versus a large-scale rehab. This allows for a more focused and customized treatment plan that is individualized for the client’s particular needs.

In recent years, some luxury rehabs are now pet-friendly, so imagine how nice it would be to have your beloved dog or cat right there in the private room with you during rehab.  Rehabs with private rooms feel more like a home versus that of a facility, so a pet-friendly one only augments that feeling.

Luxury Addiction Treatment Amenities

Along with the private rooms there will likely be many other premium amenities provided at a luxury rehab center.  There may be a private gourmet chef who creates meals from organic, clean, locally sourced foods. Because of the intimate rehab client-to-addiction specialist ratio, this can also translate to meals that are fully adapted to specific dietary requests, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or Paleo diets.

In addition, luxury treatment centers offer highly desirable geographic settings, such as beach communities, mountain resorts, or lakeside retreats.  Being in such beautiful surroundings can significantly enhance the treatment experience. Taking advantage of the natural beauty, these luxury rehabs offer resort-like outdoor retreats with beautiful views, grounds, pools and spas that are conducive to promoting the healing process and feeding the soul.

Spa-type services are also a standard benefit of a luxury rehab private rooms.  In addition to the private rooms, a menu of holistic and experiential treatments and activities can elevate the therapeutic effects of rehab.  These activities may include sauna, massage therapy, mindfulness exercises, guided meditation, yoga, music therapy, art therapy, and even acupuncture.

Capo By the Sea Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Private Rooms

Capo By the Sea is a luxury treatment center located in the beautiful beachside community of San Juan Capistrano, California.  This premier treatment center is Joint Commission Accredited, meaning it adheres to the industry standards dictated by a global commission to certify that addiction treatment facilities offer the highest quality.  Capo By the Sea provides resort level accommodations and amenities, including private rooms, holistic therapies, and recreational golf and beach activities. More importantly, the compassionate, expert clinical staff will guide you or a loved one toward a new healthy, sober life.  For more information, please contact Capo By the Sea today at 888-529-2114