Rehabs that Accept Couples

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Rehabs that Accept Couples

3 Reasons Why Rehabs that Accept Couples Benefit Recovery

Sometimes there really can be too much of a good thing.  What may have started out as innocent partying during the early heady days of a budding romance has, over time, evolved into a substance use disorder…for both members of the couple.  In fact, it is not at all uncommon for a couple as a unit to develop a problem with drugs or alcohol.  Daily routines, such as having a couple of drinks after work and sharing a bottle of wine at dinner can eventually negatively impact both people.  Partners may use alcohol or drugs as a way to manage the stressors in life, to self-medicate anxiety or depression.  Incrementally, increased tolerance to the substance of choice results in each individual needing more of it to continue to achieve the desired effect.

When drug or alcohol dependency begins to cause serious trouble in the marriage, affecting health, or any other aspect of life, the couple needs to get some help.  While it’s true that each party can get treatment individually at separate treatment centers, increasingly couples are diving in to treatment programs at rehabs that accept couples.  Couples rehab may not be the answer for every situation, but there are solid benefits to recovery from seeking out this option.  Rehabs that accept couples are growing in number as the evidence of supportive benefits continues to add up.

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3 Ways Rehabs that Accept Couples Can Help Addiction Recovery

It is important for each couple considering addiction treatment to assess their specific needs and relationship to decide whether individual or couples rehab is the better option.  For couples that decide to participate in a couples rehab program, here are three important benefits to recovery:

  1. Experiencing treatment together bonds the couple.  One of the biggest challenges to individuals in treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is the lack of support they might have at home after completing the program.  When both members of a couple are struggling with addiction and go to rehab together, they will be going through the treatment process together.  Because of that, they will have a shared experience, learning how to stay clean and sober together as a couple.  When both parties are committed to sobriety and team up to tackle addiction as a joint force it can be an intensely bonding experience and a powerful motivator in recovery.
  2. The couple makes important changes.  An important part of the couples rehab program is delving into the dysfunctional aspects of the relationship.  A skilled couples therapist can identify such things as codependency, enabling behaviors, passive-aggressive behaviors, and poor communication practices.  The couples therapy component will be deeply personal, but can teach them better ways to communicate and look out for each other’s well-being in recovery, as well as reverse behaviors that contributed to the couple’s dependency on the substances.  The tools will be taught to them both at the same time, practiced in rehab, and then reinforced together at home.
  3. The couple can support each other.  The rubber meets the road after the couples rehab program has been completed and the partners will begin practicing the new skill set at home.  Because an intrinsic aspect of couples rehab involves the couple reaffirming their commitment to each other and to a sober lifestyle, the partners enter recovery with a common goal based on a promise made to each other.  The couple will strive to have each other’s back on the recovery journey, helping to lovingly correct or support each other as needed.  Attending outpatient aftercare counseling will continue to cement the newly acquired sober lifestyle.

Capo By the Sea Offers Couples Addiction Treatment

Capo By the Sea is a drug and alcohol treatment program in Southern California, offering both inpatient and outpatient rehabs.  Capo by the Sea is one of the rehabs that accept couples that will work on their recovery together under a skilled couples therapist.  This supportive and compassionate clinical team accommodates couples’ needs while providing the healing and restorative treatment environment conducive to recovery.  For more information about the couples treatment program at Capo By the Sea, contact us today at (888) 529-2114.