Residential Trauma Treatment

Trauma therapy is an important aspect in healing process after experiencing a shocking or disturbing event. A trauma treatment program provides specialized therapies that help reduce the impact of the traumatic memory, allowing the individual to become less sensitive to the memories of it, as well as the people, places, or situations that may trigger the distressing memories. Trauma therapy, and adjunctive therapies that complement the counseling, allow the individual to gradually move forward in their lives.

The deep wounds of experiencing a trauma can deeply impact a person’s life. In most cases, a traumatic experience, whether it occurred in childhood or recently, will be processed and resolved in a timely manner during a relatively short period of time after it occurred. However, sometimes the effects of the trauma are so powerful or life-altering that it may cause disruption in normal functioning. When this is the case, a residential trauma treatment program like Capo By the Sea can be highly beneficial.

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