Tips on How to Stop Smoking Cannabis

Stop Smoking Cannabis

Stop Smoking Cannabis While Reducing the Nasty Withdrawal Symptoms

I have read many articles which point to the fact that quitting a weed habit should be easy but in my experience of talking to a number of people who have successfully managed, quite the opposite is true. Quitting is not an easy process and it will take a lot of willpower and determination to stop a habit which has become, no doubt, quite established and for many, very enjoyable. Some use weed to relax, others to become more confident and more sociable and some to escape their problems.

In order to quit successfully and for good, it is important to be honest with yourself, is this an addiction? Do not underestimate the process that you may have to go through to stop.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are common and include, depression, anxiety and mood swings. Insomnia is also very common and for many can last even a number of months as a normal sleeping pattern is restored. Headaches are often reported, fatigue is common as is dizziness and night sweats. What we have to remember is that the body, in addition to withdrawing from the habit will also be trying to clean itself up or detox and many of the symptoms will come from that as well. You can see another quit smoking weed guide here.

So how do you quit without experiencing the nasty withdrawals. The answer is that whilst you may not be able to eliminate them completely, you will certainly be able to minimize their effects and avoid a lot of the discomfort.

For some, they may be able to go ‘cold turkey’, throwing away all evidence of their habit, ready to start their new life and for others that may be a step too far and they prefer to reduce the amount that they smoke but in a gradual way. It is up to you to decide what would work best for you but if you do decide to reduce your amount gradually then it is very important to keep a check on how much you are in fact smoking as the mind is very crafty and will easily ‘forget’ some of your smoking episodes. It is really important to be honest with yourself. Have some kind of tally chart and make sure that you mark it each time you smoke or you will very quickly be back to square 1, totally disillusioned with a feeling that you will never be able to do it!

The Important of Hydration and Nutrition

Make sure that you keep well hydrated, with water, green tea is good but avoid sugar and sugary drinks

Time to pay attention to your diet. Your body is going to be doing a lot of adjustment and therefore will need a lot of nutrition in order for it to be able to do that successfully. You don’t have to be saint like but be sensible. Eat 3 meals per day and 2 snacks if you have to. Make sure you include protein with each of your meals and make sure you eat lots of leafy green veg. Avoid fried foods, processed foods and junk foods as they will all deplete the nutrition within your body. It is important to maximize this, your body may struggle to begin with especially if you have been living on a poor diet, or in many cases no diet. I knew someone who struggled to eat anything as he had been living on crisps and chocolate for many, many months.

Consider supplementing your diet, it may be wise to take advice from a Nutritional Therapist for the right type of support in this area but a good place to start may be with a simple multi vitamin and mineral supplement. Remember however that it is supplementary and should not and cannot replace a good balanced diet. It is best to obtain as much nutrition from food.

Relaxation to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Relax. Take a bath, if that is your thing, use Epsom Salts as the Magnesium in Epsom Salts helps with the detox of your body. Stay in the bath and allow yourself to sweat, sweating releases the body of its toxins. Try to do this at least 3 times in the week and stay in the bath at a reasonable temperature for at least half an hour.

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If baths are not your thing, try a sauna, a sauna is another great way to relieve your body of toxins. It can be very relaxing and a great way to meet and chat with others!

Stay Moving with Exercise

Exercise is great for releasing feel good chemicals into the body. Start slowly and build up. You may only manage a short walk to begin with, especially if your lifestyle has largely been sedentary. Build up gradually.

Remember if you are sweating a lot, you may have to replace the electrolytes in your body, again, this is where a Nutritional Therapist may be able to help with your weed addiction.

Good Sleep is Key when Stop Smoking Cannabis

What about insomnia? Some have found that some of the herbal remedies such as Valerian Root help and other find that taking a bath before bed is enough to settle them. What about some of the online meditations? Or some of the calming sounds or music?

Find Support and Be Support to Stop Smoking Cannabis

Do you know anyone else who is quitting or would be prepared to quit with you, it’s amazing what a bit of support can do. What about joining some of the Forums online for helpful tips and advice from those who have already been where you are going? There is comfort with others when you are going through difficulty. If you can, bring your family on board.

Fill your time with an interesting hobby or how about some volunteering. A positive and happy mind set is so important if you are going to quit without too many symptoms. Your mind set can in fact help your physical wellbeing. Have total belief in yourself. ‘Walk the walk’ and don’t look back. Take each day as it comes.

Believe in yourself, you are a great person who can do great things, never forget that. Find your passion. Good Luck!

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Kevin Bryce: I had everything going for me, a good family and a great future. How did I end up addicted to weed? Never would I have thought it possible, I thought that I was in control but in fact the drug ended up controlling me. After many failed attempts, I finally managed to quit using the method I will describe and have now been weed free for 4 years with absolutely no desire to go back. Yes, I’m playing catch up with my life but I thankfully have a second chance. Let me share my story, visit my site: How to Stop Smoking Pot