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coke mouth

Coke Mouth and Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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How Does Cocaine Affect Teeth When we think of cocaine we may conjure up the 1980s, the decade known for coke abuse. Although cocaine use was rampant back then, it slid out of favor when the drug trade was more strictly enforced. That’s when…
Rehabs That Accept Insurance

Luxury Rehabs That Accept Insurance

Luxury Rehabs That Accept Insurance Rehabs come in all shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of treatment philosophies, services, amenities, and facility features to select from when the time comes for treatment.  Although even a bare-bones…
Rehabs that Accept Couples

Rehabs that Accept Couples

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3 Reasons Why Rehabs that Accept Couples Benefit Recovery Sometimes there really can be too much of a good thing.  What may have started out as innocent partying during the early heady days of a budding romance has, over time, evolved into…
Outpatient Treatment after Rehab

Why You Need Outpatient Treatment (IOP) after Rehab

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Outpatient Treatment after Rehab Anyone battling addiction will tell you that the initial detox process can be difficult. Get through that, and you’ve taken an enormous step towards living a healthy life without alcohol or drugs. Attending…