Why You Need a Support System after Leaving Treatment

support system after rehab

Leaving treatment for alcohol and drug abuse can feel like breath of fresh air – a new start. You’ve faced your problems, conquered your demons, and all the hard work is over. Right ?

Well, yes and no. One of the biggest steps – admitting your problem and grappling with it – has been faced. But anybody in recovery can tell you that it’s a lifelong endeavor, and one that will require constant maintenance. That’s part of why you need a solid support system after leaving treatment.

Pick up where treatment left off

Your support system picks up where inpatient alcohol and drug treatment left off. Whether you choose to use 12 Steps of NA or AA or a more non-traditional support setting, you’ll want to meet with your group on a regular basis. This helps reinforce the lessons you learned in treatment, in addition to teaching you new coping skills. The right support system can show you ways to stay sober as you adjust to life outside the residential treatment center.

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Get the right motivation

On your journey through sobriety, there are times your willpower will falter. Far from being a personal failure, this is a normal part of recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. If and when you feel the urge to begin using substances again, your support system will be there to point you in the right direction. They’ll remind you of all you overcame to get where you are, and why continuing to live a healthy lifestyle is so important.

Listen to the cautionary tales

It’s a sad truth that, sometimes, your outside support system can be a source of cautionary tales. If you stay in recovery long enough, eventually you’ll hear stories of relapses into drug and alcohol abuse that ended badly. By listening to the experiences of your peers, you may be reminded of what your addiction cost you, and all you still have left to lose if you succumb again. It may make you think twice before reaching for your substance of choice.

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